We know what it costs. Since we are always building spec houses, we shop the top subcontractors constantly for pricing as well as quality of workmanship. Home building is an ever evolving process with new materials, new regulations, and new subcontractors.  What we don’t know we are constantly learning from each home we build. Consistently refining the process and bringing our experience into each new project.

For most projects we can quote a fixed price. This can include all architectural costs as well as financing and landscaping. We also can charge on a cost plus fixed fee arrangement. We’re happy to discuss the relative advantages of each method.

During our due diligence process, we interviewed many builders and chose to work with Ades Design for all of the reasons you can imagine. However, Andy’s internal controls and operating infrastructure, project management team, accounting and expense systems, transparency, and responsiveness, were extremely important factors to me due to my background.
Perry & Stacy