Two Options for Building with Ades Design Builders

Fixed Price

  • The majority of our clients want to know the exact price for their home.
  • For most homes we can quote a fixed price. Everything is included from land selection and architectural design to landscaping. It’s all custom with your selections of tile, cabinetry, flooring exterior materials etc. Allowances are mutually agreed and extras are at our cost.


Cost Plus – Construction Management | Greater client involvement

  • We agree on a set fee that you will pay us for construction management services and we outline exactly what those services entail.  In many cases it is the same work as a fixed price home, and with our help a budget is developed for your home. We are happy to assist with design through the architect of your choice. We can use the subcontractors that we already have a good relationship with or you can choose your own. We act as your advocate in selection of all subcontractors and approval of all pricing. We can handle all bookkeeping and you have total control over expenses.